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I’ve been working on a project lately for Careers New Zealand to help encourage young Pacific School students to start thinking about their career pathway. It’s been a hectic few shoots, but it’s been a real privilege to meet and get to know a few of our Pacific Island role models.

Here’s Déjealous Palota-Kopa; a promising young netball player who was forced out of the game she loves when she underwent a knee operation in Year 9. Instead of dwelling on her misfortune, she decided to get into academic study and found her way into Auckland’s Law School where’s she’s nearing the end of her BA/LLB.

“We shouldn’t just limit ourselves to the sports arena as other people dictate us to actually pursue, [because] it’s not just sports that we’re good at, we have strengths that other people don’t realise, and we can actually pursue whatever is fuelled within our heart” – Dejealous Palota-Kopa.


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