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It was such an honour to meet one of my all time favourite All Blacks, Keven Mealamu. He is one of the most humble, generous and caring people I have had the opportunity to meet.

In the short time I spent talking to Keven, one thing became certain. He is more than an All Black. He’s a husband, a father, a follower of Christ and a bloody good bloke with an infectious smile! A true community man with a servant’s heart. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom to help Careers New Zealand with their Malaga Project uso. Alofa atu.

“My parents have always been there since day one and helped instill some things in me that have helped me in my career. They always would make sure when I was a youngster that I was always well prepared the night before a game, making sure my boots were ready, clean and my bag, and everything was ready for the next day. So I think those little habits really helped me especially when I became a professional; making sure you’re well prepared, making sure you’re thinking ahead so when things spring upon you they’re not so much of a surprise.” – Keven Mealamu, 2017

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